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Yacht Boat Services in Abu Dhabi Dream of Enjoy come True




UAE capital, Abu Dhabi has so many stunning sights and an incredible variety of culture, entertainment, and leisure to offer its excited visitors. It is one of the most popular landscapes for an epic sailing holiday. Would you choose a laid-back and most preferred way of seeing Abu Dhabi from the sea? What would it be? A luxurious yacht or a catamaran or a speed boat? Almayas kayak spoils its guests offering several types of boat trips around the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. So, what would you choose if you had a chance of viewing Abu Dhabi’s perfect shoreline, turquoise water, and divine sky? If you like yachting then Yacht boast services are common in Abu Dhabi for friends and family.

What are yacht boat services?

It is a water sport activity that includes the time you spend on a yacht either cruising or racing. A yacht can be any power-driven or sale-driven vessel but it has to have an ample amount of cabins to adjust people on overnight stays. They must have good aesthetic qualities as they are intended for pleasure. It must accommodate many people. They are further categorized according to their size and purpose, for example, a yacht longer than 131 feet is called a Superyacht. Similarly, there are racing yachts that are more performative than comfortable. Then there are charter yachts which are used for business purposes.


Where did yachting come from?

In earlier time’s yachts were used to lay hands on pirates and to hunt down the escaped criminals as its name originates from the Dutch word “jaght” meaning “hunter”. It served well for this purpose but later it gained importance when royal families started using these for their pleasure. King Charles and his brother James fell in love with it and had their yacht built in no time. This is what makes it luxurious, not just the way it’s built but its connection with history.

Then came an era of yachting clubs and competitions, it was now accessible to not only the royals but all the rich families. People liked to flex their yachts and it became a status symbol. Even today there are so many enthusiasts of this sport who are still part of these clubs and love to hang around other yachting lovers.

What season is best for yachting in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is the world’s most favourable for yachting and sailing and can be done throughout the year. However, December through March is the primetime as the moderate temperature and winds make it an ideal time for tourists. As this is the peak time of Abu Dhabi, you might come across flocks of tourists at beaches, doubled rates of hotels, and travellers snagging all the city’s cabs. If you want to avoid such situations it is best to sail in the shoulder seasons that is between April and May or from September to October. These are spring and fall seasons with fresh and pleasant weather. For best prices and when the city is practically free of tourists to visit in the summer season and kill the hot temperature by sailing and dipping in cool seawater.


Here is a quick advice to book your yacht ahead of time as a last-minute booking might cost you extra Dirhams. Moreover it will not be easy to find a trusted company. There are so many local yacht owners providing yacht boat services who do not have a website or way of communicating with the guests. So only choose the experienced companies and do not ruin your events and surprise parties doing the wrong booking. In a blink of an eye get this best family giveaway to mark your calendar and plan your trip with Almayas Yachting Company.

Best yachting company

We’re breaking down where to start your idyllic holiday. As in any place, there are also many fake offers and brokers in Abu Dhabi, so you have to be very careful. Before jumping into booking, check their reviews and double confirm. Only trust authentic and professional companies like Almayas Yachting Company, with them your tours are completely safe. They promise guests a chance to sightsee the amazing landmarks that can be seen from the sea. In Mangrove National Park there are many pictures stops throughout the tour. You can take pictures of the sights you see from the comfort of your yacht.

Best Location for Yachting

Abu Dhabi has many amazing picturesque spots and you will get to enjoy one of them in this amazing tour route. Enjoy and chill out on the open deck as your captain manoeuvres your yacht through an amazing route that showcases Abu Dhabi’s heritage and nature at a glance. Make many beautiful photos to post on social media. Buy Instagram likes to get more attraction online. Cruise through the mangroves, dive in the vibrant sea and absorb the golden rays of the sun. Book Almayas yacht now and Revel in the enjoyment of a beach getaway that excludes the hassle of planning. Let the team takes care of all the planning and you thoroughly enjoy the yacht boat services. Here, you’ll also find more information on yacht prices and yacht booking.